The beginning of my design process starts with gathering the information and asking a lot of [the right] questions. This is crucial to the design process to fully understand what we are designing for and what problems we need to solve.
- What are we designing?
- Why are we designing this?
- Where will this be used?
- Who is this for?

The next step is to research and brainstorm. 
May include:
Conduct field interviews/ethnographic research, personas, user flows, user journeys, competitive analysis, mind mapping, card sorting, IA. Lots of sketching.

We can begin to sketch out some ideas for wireframing (from lo to hi-fidelity). The process starts on paper then I use Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Invision to create the clean, more refined prototypes. Time permitting, we'll create lo-fi prototypes using paper, or sketches.

Once the “skeleton” is laid out, the visual design process can begin.
- Identify brand values
- Visual design language research
- Solidify look and feel (colors, typography, etc.)
- Build out

This can vary depending on the project.
Next is handoff to the dev team and/or testing. Prior to launch, designs are always reviewed on staging in the QA process. After users have had a chance to engage with the design, we go back and re-iterate. 
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