The beginning of my design process starts with gathering the information and asking a lot of [the right] questions. This is crucial to the design process to fully understand what we are designing for and what problems we need to solve.
- What are we designing?
- Why are we designing this?
- Where will this be used?
- Who is this for?
- What is the MVP?

The next step is to research and brainstorm. 
Can include:
Conduct field interviews/ethnographic research, personas, user flows, competitive analysis, mind mapping, card sorting, IA. Lots of sketching.

We can begin to sketch out some ideas for wireframing (from lo to hi-fidelity). The process starts on paper then I use Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop and Invision to create the clean, more refined prototypes. Get feedback from stakeholders.

Once the “skeleton” is laid out, the visual design process can begin.
- Identify brand values
- Visual design language research
- Solidify look and feel (colors, typography, etc.)
- Build out

This can vary depending on the project.
Next is handoff to the dev team via Zeplin, and/or testing. Prior to launch, designs are always reviewed on staging. After users have had a chance to engage with the design, we go back and re-iterate. 
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